My Wash and Go Routine for Defined Curls

I finally started wearing my beloved wash and go look this weekend, due to the amazingly warm weather that has made its way to NYC! If you are not familiar with what a wash and go is, it is basically when you wash your hair, apply some product and go – hence “wash and go”! This is one of my favorite hair styles to wear during the summer time because it is so ridiculously low maintenance and always looks really neat. I don’t do it in the winter because I try to have my ends tucked away as much as possible from the harsh weather and use protective styling. The only downside of this style is the serious shrinkage that occurs, as my hair always looks so much shorter with this look due to how coily my curls are, but I’ve pretty much come to terms with it and just go with the flow!

Every time I wear my hair in this style, I get stopped ALL THE TIME by women asking how I got my hair like this, so I am finally ready to reveal my secret! I am super lazy sometimes when it comes to my hair so I usually just use two products to achieve this look. In the picture below, I am holding the magnificent Eco Styler Gel, which is my number one hair staple! I may even due a post dedicated to just this gel because it is seriously my life savoir for most of my hair styles and is the product that really gets my curls to POP! ( which you will see in the close up below). In my other hand, I am holding Shea Moisture’s Curl & Style Milk, which I recently discovered and love! I apply the style milk first all over my hair and then I rake through a generous amount of Eco Styler Gel using just my fingers to define my curls and that is it! I try not to put too much of the style milk because it turns your hair a little white mixed with the gel, but once it dries, it fades away. I let my hair air dry if I have the time, otherwise I will sit under a hooded dryer on high for about 20 minutes. And there ya have it folks! It’s really that simple – sometimes I apply an oil after the style milk to “seal in the moisture,” but like I said I get pretty lazy, so this doesn’t always happen. I don’t part my hair into sections or use a brush or a comb or any hair tools. It is me, my hair, and the products – that’s it! If you have any other questions leave a comment below! xo



IMG_1615  IMG_1662