How Transitioning to Natural Hair Changed My Life

transitioning to natural hair

If you read my natural hair story, you will know that when I decided to stop chemically relaxing my hair, I just sort of fell into it. It was a complete accident, but one that has changed my life for the better. In the beginning of this natural hair journey, I figured that I would give it a shot and if I didn’t like my natural hair then I would go back to relaxing it. At the time, I thought of my hair as just hair and that there was no harm in changing it up and doing whatever I wanted, but now five years after transitioning to natural hair, I realize that this change is actually about so much more than hair.

I recently began to learn in depth about the true reasons why black women throughout history have been taught that our hair is not acceptable and was actually seen as a symbol of being inferior to other races. Watching a few videos about this topic on Youtube really opened my eyes to how far black women have come in terms of accepting our natural beauty, which includes our hair.

I used to think that having relaxed hair was easier to manage than natural hair, but then I really thought about it, and if  I had been wearing my natural hair my whole life then I would have actually known how to take care of my hair in its natural state a long time ago. Rather than having a steep learning curve, I would have known its quirks and what it likes and dislikes from having spent time with it and having learned from experience. But this was just not the case and part of the thought of it not being manageable came from plain ole lack of knowledge. There weren’t  many mainstream products or information that I found when I was younger on how to care for natural hair until the last several years, which is insane!

Kinky hair has historically been perceived as bad and unattractive and nowadays I find that it is starting to be seen as very edgy or cool ( especially in fashion), but I think natural hair should just be seen as normal hair. Beauty standards that have permeated the globe of light skin and straight hair should not be the only standard of beauty. I recently began to realize that wearing my natural hair is actually so important. I think that exposure is key to natural hair becoming mainstream rather than a spectacle and the more women who wear their hair natural, the more it can be seen as normal. I don’t blame people for being in awe of our kinky curls or having curiosity about it, but that just shows how rare it still is. I am starting to notice more and more natural haired beauties are slowly making their way into main stream media and people of other races are starting to see natural hair in all its glory, but there is still a long way to go and it will not be without bumps in the road.

I would have never guessed that transitioning to natural hair would have led me to have the views that I now hold about it today. It’s actually mind blowing to me to think that just letting my hair grow out of my scalp can have so much complex implications in society. More than anything else, I have come to learn that natural hair is completely and utterly beautiful.