Top 3 Natural Hair Hacks For The Winter

The winter time can be the trickiest time of year for those of us with natural hair, but with the right tricks under your belt it can also be one of the easiest! I have been wearing my hair natural for about 4 years now and have definitely learned a lot about how best to care for my hair during the coldest months of the year. Here are my top 3 natural hair hacks for the winter time

1. Protective Style with clip-ins or wigs: Using extensions or wigs for a protective style in the winter is my favorite way to go to maintain healthy hair in colder weather. Not only do you get to rock a new look using whatever type of hair you want, but your hair can rest and be braided underneath. This is one of the best ways I find to grow my hair out because there is very low manipulation which reduces breakage. I also prefer this over sew-ins because I can remove the hair at anytime and when wash day comes, I can really cleanse and condition my hair well rather than trying to wash while it is still in cornrows under a sew-in. When I start to wear my hair out in the spring/summer, it is always so healthy and vibrant from its winter hibernation!

2.Heavy moisturizing products on wet hair: The main way that I moisturize my hair, in the winter or even in the summer is by putting a generous amount of product on my hair while it is still wet. When installing my clip- ins, I usually corn row my hair wet after having applied my favorite leave in cream and it makes it so easy to manage and braid in this state. I have also done this when I am not wearing extensions and just put my hair and 4-6 big braids and let my hair air dry overnight. This way, when it dries I just unbraid and then do whatever style I want that day with my hair feeling super healthy and moisturized.

3.Deep Condition while you sleep: This hack probably works best on a weekend night if you don’t have to be somewhere early the next day, but for those of us who struggle to find time to deep condition our hair, killing two birds with one stone is the way to go. Applying deep conditioner ( or any conditioner) to dry hair and then putting on a shower cap and a towel over my pillow has been a huge time saver for me and also is a great overnight treatment. Your hair will thank you for this one!

Hope these natural hair hacks help out your natural hair routine this winter! xo