The Beauty of it All

After being in London for almost 3 weeks now (which I can’t even wrap my head around!!) one of my absolute favorite things about the city is the beauty of it! There is seriously stunning architecture and beautiful parks everywhere! It is a complete contrast from the concrete jungle of New York City that I was previously immersed in. Every day I step outside my door and I am in complete awe at this city’s beauty. I  know that living vs. visiting a place is usually very different and the flaws of a place tends to slowly (or not so slowly) make its way into your reality, but I can honestly say that all the flaws about London that I am beginning to discover do not come close to swaying my love for the city. I am choosing to focus on the good of it and on all of the positive aspects that this stunning city has to offer.

I was able to shoot these pictures in a gorgeous garden in the northern part of London and it seriously felt like a secret garden since there were so few people there and we had free reign to take uninterrupted photos. I ordered this mod looking dress from a site called Misguided a few months ago which is a UK based company and thought it would pair gorgeously with my favorite over the knee boots that I raved about last Fall.

So far, my experience in London has been a dream come true and I am going to continue to focus on the beauty of this city and cherish each and every experience and person I meet. xo

IMG_4113 IMG_4125 IMG_4136 IMG_4155 IMG_4171


Dress: Misguided

Jacket: Generation Love

Boots: Stuart Wietzman

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff