Sunday Riley Skincare Review

I recently wrote a post about how to get glowy skin in the winter time and mentioned a couple of Sunday Riley products, and after having used them for a bit longer I can officially say that I am OBSESSED. Sunday Riley skincare is officially my new favorite and what I consider to be a holy grail skincare product line if you want flawless skin. I knew it needed its own dedicated post so here is a breakdown of the three products that I have tried (so far) and fell in love with:

  • Sunday Riley Sleeping Oil: This is the first Sunday Riley product I heard of from some beauty bloggers, but was put off by the high price tag. So for Christmas I decided to treat myself and saw that the brand had mini versions sold together ( I will get to the other product in a minute) and it was only $85 as opposed to the bigger bottle of just the oil for over $100. It is a retinol product which is meant to fight aging and even out skin tone. It has an amazing mix of oils that delivers so many benefits to the skin. So far I noticed that my skin is brighter, softer and smoother after using this product and I have and will continue to repurchase it.


  • Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment: This is the second product that came in the set with the night oil and I have to say that I might even love this product even more than the oil! When I first bought the duo, this product ran out first and I definitely noticed that my skin was less glowy without the Good Genes Treatment. I swiftly repurchased the item and saw the glow return which is why I will continue to use both products together. I will have to try using this product alone to see the effect of it by itself, but so far I love the combination and how much brighter and even toned my skin is currently looking!



  • Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream: This is the latest product from the brand that I have tried via free samples from Sephora ( yas!) and once again I am thoroughly impressed! This product gives the most amount of moisture to the skin it is insane! I actually have mainly oily skin and don’t tend to go for products with too much moisture, but this is an exception. It doesn’t cause my skin to produce more oil and gives it a baby smooth texture. It is also supposed to even skin tone as well, so I will have to wait longer to see the effects of this in conjunction with the other Sunday Riley products.



One disclaimer is that these products really are not cheap, but they 1000% work. I recommend saving up or splurging on these types of products rather than buying a new clothes, since I mean your face is the first part of your body anyone sees so why not have it looking its best! I cannot rave enough about these products and I have not seen my skin looking this good in like maybe ever!! Okay…I think I’m done now. xo