So Long Sweet Summer

Tomorrow night I head off to begin my new journey in London, but I was able to spend the last week home in Boston with my family which I have been so grateful for. In looking into the weather in Boston vs. London, my summer weather will be over once I land as it is much cooler across the pond at the moment. I was definitely basking in the warmth today and wanted to dedicate this post to summer and bid it adieu.

Today, I was wearing my absolute favorite dress that I picked up at the annual summer sale at Zara a couple of months ago and I have been pretty much wearing non-stop. It is super light and comfortable and has a boho vibe which is different from most of the items in my wardrobe.

While walking around the Newbury Street area, I stumbled upon the gelato shop Amorino, which I was dying to try while I was still in New York, but didn’t get a chance to! Their gelato is super cool because when you get a cone, they create a flower shape, which I just couldn’t resist! The flavors were delicious and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Boston or New York.

While I am sad that my warm summer weather will no longer be, I am beyond excited to explore the city that I will be calling home for at least the next year and rock cute sweaters, chunky boots and comfy scarves! xo


Dress: Zara
Shoes: Desgin Lab – Lord and Taylor
Bag: Vintage