Reactions to my Natural Hair

Now that I’ve been wearing my hair in its natural state for the past couple months I thought this would be a great time to talk about the reactions I’ve received regarding my natural hair. I’ve seen this type of blog/vlog topic all around the web and I think the reactions people have gotten are very interesting and all pretty different from all around the world. So far, I have experienced no negativity what so ever since wearing my natural hair. As a matter of fact, I have never gotten so many compliments from random strangers about my hair in my entire life. And what’s more ironic is that most of these compliments are coming from black girls who have relaxed hair! The most common comment I’ve gotten is “how did you get your hair like that” or ” what did you do to your hair to make it look like that.” And the answer is truly nothing. I am a wash and go girl because of how fast it is and I am in love with my curl pattern, so when I get these types of questions, people are in shock that my curl pattern can be as coily and defined as it is.

I was especially curious to see what reactions I would get from my co-workers when I first transitioned from wearing stick straight extensions to my little fro. The reaction I got was positive all around and a bit overwhelming to be honest. I literally felt like I became a mini celebrity at work!  I am truly grateful for all of the positivity that I have received across the board from friends, family and strangers alike. It’s been absolutely amazing to wear my natural hair!