Protective Style Using Marley Hair

protective style

The colder weather rolling through always means it’s protective style season! Having natural hair means that it is very fragile and susceptible to drying out in cold weather which is why I always wear protective styles during this time. Protective styles are the best because they protect your natural hair from the elements, which is KEY for length retention and healthy hair.

The latest style that I have been loving that is cute and fast side braid using marley hair. This protective style has some serious goddess vibes to it and adds such a stylish touch to most outfits. I got the idea for this look by mixing a crown braid/twist with a side braid so instead of pinning the pieces of my hair back to create a crown, I used marley hair and braided it right onto the loose ends and voila! There are tons of Youtube tutorials on how to braid crown braids and side braids if you need some visual guidance on this protective style. You could also play around with the parting to create a different effect. This is definitely my new go to protective style this season and I highly recommend giving it a shot to naturals who need a time saving, beautiful hair style. xo






Top: Mango

Jacket: Zara

Jeans: Frame

Bag: Madewell

Shoes: Anacapri