New Year Resolutions

I love creating New Year Resolutions at the start of every year because it really just makes you feel good! There is usually a general buzz in the atmosphere with everyone feeling good and people being super hopeful about the prospects of a brand new year. There is a new chance for a fresh start, fresh slate, fresh outlook to accomplish their goals and make it their best year yet. While for many, these resolutions go down hill after February, I think it is important to at least start with good intentions! This year, my main resolutions are centered around accomplishing some pretty lofty goals pertaining to pretty much every aspect of my life. At the end of the day, my main goal is to always be growing, learning and improving on the person I was yesterday. I think the key to accomplishing New Year Resolutions is not to view them as massive goals that will take loads of energy to achieve. It can be exhausting and disheartening to even think about all of the work and effort it takes to make big changes in life. That is why I find that what works for me is to break down your resolutions into teeny tiny bite sized actions that you can take each and everyday. If you do just one thing everyday towards your dreams, by the end of the year, you will be surprised at how far you’ve gone! At least that is what I have experienced in my own life and I look forward to sharing lessons and milestones throughout this year. Wishing you all nothing but the best for the year ahead! xo

Photography: Linda Hexter

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