How to Make Your Own Clip-in Hair Extensions

I recently started rocking my favorite type of protective hair style, which uses clip-in hair extensions! The winters in the northeast of the U.S. are freezing cold so a protective style is a non-negotiable if I want to maintain healthy hair. They are also a great way to switch things up and have a new look in the winter. I normally make my own clip-in hair extensions since the ones I find online tend to be a lot pricier than normal track extensions. In order to make them all you need are your hair extensions of choice on tracks, so you have somewhere to attach clips. I normally purchase hair extensions and clips from my local beauty supply shop, but they can also be found online. This year, I made a life changing new discovery which are selfit clips by Janet Collection, which enables you to create clip ins without having to sew them on! It took me only a fraction of the time to create my clip ins and I could not be happier Рhere are the steps I took:

  1. Measure the tracks against your head and cut the correct length for each track
  2. Attach the selfit clip-ins to each end of the track, and one in the middle for the longer lengths (tutorial here)
  3. Corn row braid your hair, with some leave out hair to cover the tracks in the front (I like to do this with freshly detangled, washed and wet hair so then I don’t have to use any heat to straighten and then braid my hair – tutorial here)
  4. For your leave out either do a braid out or wash and go to blend into curly hair or straighten if you have straight extensions
  5. Clip the clip-in right into the braids and then blend the leave out to cover the tracks

Hope this helps those looking for a easy and cute protective style this winter! xo