LA Girl Nude Eye Shadow Palette Review

I have been searching high and low for the perfect new eye shadow palette and decided to try out the LA Girl Nude Eye Shadow Palette. This is the first time that I tried any makeup products by this brand as I normally head to Sephora for most of my beauty purchases. When I first started wearing makeup in college I pretty much went straight to the luxury products and never really got into drug store brands, so I was excited to pick this palette up for just $9, and compare it to some of the high end shadows that I’m used to.

What I loved most about it was the color selection. It is usually hard for me to find a palette where all of the colors are useable, but all of the colors in this one are gorgeous pink and gold shades that are very neutral and compliment my skin tone. There is a nice mix of sparkly and matte shades, which I really like.

The biggest downfall of this product is that compared to my high end shadows, this one is not as pigmented so it takes quite a few swipes of shadow to achieve the color I desired. This might be a plus for some people depending on how you want your eyeshadow to look! Also the brush is pretty bad and doesn’t actually work that well, so I had to use other ones that I own. Other than that, I am super happy about this purchase and will be definitely using it a ton this summer. If you want to pick one up for yourself, I bought mine at Ricky’s in New York and you can also find it online at xo