Goal Setting for The New Year


Tomorrow is the first of December, which means that there is basically just one month left of 2016, which is crazy!! Since 2017 is soon to make an appearance, I have been reflecting over all of my major life events and accomplishments of this past year and trying to figure out what I want next year to look like, which is where goal setting comes into play. I love having goals in place at the end of the year that I can use to prep myself to move towards them the following year to try to make it as amazing as humanly possible. I think that goal setting is a great exercise to do yearly, and then break it down into smaller actionable steps to help keep yourself accountable and moving in the direction of what you want. It’s great to set goals for your future but I find that figuring out what my goals  look like on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis is key to getting shit done. Small and steady steps towards a big lofty goals are usually the best way I have found to go about it since big changes don’t tend to happen overnight. I plan to buy a fresh new planner and some notebooks to help me craft my master plans for next year and I can’t wait to get goal setting (and executing)! xo

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Cape: Topshop

Sweater: Topshop

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: Stuart Wieztman

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff