Favorite Jewelry Pieces

Delicate jewelry is one of my all time favorite things to wear to add a touch of elegance and class to my everyday looks. I used to be more into more statement costume jewelry, but over the past year I have been drawn to smaller more classic pieces that are very delicate. The pieces pictured above have been on my highest rotation lately.

The bracelet is one of my newest purchases that I got from Lord and Taylor from their birdcage line. I fell in love with how thin of a bracelet it was and I am a fan of evil eye jewelry so that was also what I loved about this piece. The best part about it, is that it is gold plated so it will not fade easily, which is good because I have been wearing it everyday!

I purchased the heart ring from Hearts On Fire over a year ago and I wear it pretty much every single day. It is the nicest piece of jewelry I own and the tiny diamond in the middle is my favorite part about it.

I bought the necklace that says loved from Topshop and the triangle one from Forever21. Both were super cheap and I have been switching between the two very regularly whenever I wear a top or dress where my neck is exposed.

I am on the hunt for more fine jewelry like my ring and bracelet that won’t fade quickly because when I love something, I really LOVE it and want to wear it everyday without having to worry about it breaking or changing colors. If you know any great jewelry brands I should look at, leave a comment below! xo