A few weeks ago, I was able to visit the amazing city of Dublin Ireland for the first time and had the loveliest of times. Dublin is definitely a great city to visit and was an extremely easy trip to take from London. It is very quaint and cute and has a very small town feeling although it’s a major city. We stayed at a cute little cottage about 25 minutes walking distance from the city center which we booked through air bnb. It was apparently the hipster part of town so there were coffee shops galore, which I had no complaints about.

Eating and walking were the main activities that were happening during our 4 days there and while it was exhausting, we got a great feel for the city and explored tons. We went to the Guinness Factory and learned all about their famous beer and learned how to “properly” taste one, took a bus tour of the city and checked out Trinity College and the gorgeous library inside. We also went to a traditional Irish pub near the place we were staying. Grafton street was the place to be for shopping, food and nightlife as well, which my friends and I were able to take full advantage of. Overall, my impression of the city is that it is extremely warm and welcoming and is a great place to visit for those who like cities  with a much slower pace compared to places like London and New York City. I was able to capture some pictures while there, which hopefully captures a bit of its charm. My next adventure is at the end of this month so more travel posts are soon to come! xo

IMG_5624 IMG_5629  IMG_5558 IMG_5614 IMG_5521 IMG_5443 IMG_5416  IMG_5389 IMG_5593 (1)