To say these last few weeks have been hectic would be an understatement, hence the silence on the blog front! As I wrap up my last few weeks of completing my master’s degree (crazy!!) I will most definitely be much more on top of posting as I surely have missed it! This will be my official comeback into the blogging world and I am excited to continue to share my musings and tips with you all.

Summer in London so far has been gorgeous and I actually have not minded the mild weather at all, despite the warnings I received from people about how there is no real summer here. I did get a chance to go home to the states and visit friends and family in both Boston and New York which was so nice and I got my dose of hot summer then. In any case I did not move to London for the weather and instead decide to focus on everything I love about this city rather than the downsides. As my one year anniversary of moving to London rapidly approaches I will definitely post some of my biggest takeaways from this incredible year of living abroad and give some tips that will hopefully help others thinking of making the move. I have a few great travel trips planned over the next few weeks that I also can’t wait to share so keep an eye out. xo

IMG_5343 IMG_5351 IMG_5349

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Bracelet: Banana Republic
Bag: Vintage