Carol’s Daughter and Curls Product Review

I am very excited about the natural hair products I am reviewing in this post because it has literally revolutionized my wash n’ go routine. I took a trip to my local hair supply store (Ricky’s NYC) on the hunt for some new hair products to try and after much debate, I decided to pick up the Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk, which was $12 and The Curls Goddess Curls Botanical Gelle, which was $11. The best part about both these products is that they are formulated without artificial colors, parabens and a lot of other junk many natural hair products on the market have. The photo below, which is an “outtake” from my last outfit shoot where the wind was going crazy, shows a great view of how defined and gorgeous my curls became after using these products!

The application of the products was simple. I had freshly washed and detangled hair and first applied the hair milk in small sections and then used the curls gelle right after. I also went back to my old faithful, Eco Styler Gel, and mixed that in with the Curls product so it would add a bit more weight to my hair and elongate the curls since I have serious shrinkage. Having extremely thick hair, I was happy to see that a little of each really did go a long way, so I know both bottles will last quite a while. I was so pleased with the results that these products are permanent new additions to my hair routine! If you are looking for the perfect curl defining and moisturizing combination, definitely check these two out! xo