I never truly appreciated the greatness of my hometown of Boston until I moved away. While New York is great and all, I definitely have pride for the city I grew up in and whenever I make my way home from the concrete jungle, I appreciate it so much more than I ever have. I just made it to Los Angeles ( for the first time woo!) and was able to make a pit stop in Boston first to see my family and just chill out. I took a stroll around the Copley/Newbury street area, which if you’re not familiar with Boston is the place to be if you visit! I did a little shopping and enjoyed seeing the city in bloom with the most gorgeous flowers! I felt like such a tourist in my own city noticing the beautiful sights that is so easy to overlook and take for granted when you live here. If you are ever on the east coast, visiting NYC, Boston is just a short 4/5 hour bus or train ride away and is so worth visiting! It definitely has a charm and quaintness that is unlike any other place. I feel so lucky to call Boston my hometown. Stay tuned for updates on my LA adventures! xo


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