The Body Shop Skin Essence + Favorite Fall Fragrance


Two new products that I have been loving recently are The Body Shop’s Drops of Light Essence Lotion and the NARCISO parfume!

Skin essence is a relatively new beauty trend on the scene that I have started to hear more and more about and picked up The Body Shop Skin Essence on a whim actually a few weeks ago, but have only recently started using it regularly as colder weather has rolled right in. My skin needs a bit more moisture, but I also have oily skin so regular moisturizers tend to leave me greasy by the end of the day, so this skin essence has been the perfect way to add moisture to my skin before I apply my makeup without leaving any residue behind. It also just feels really nice and fresh on the skin –  this is definitely a great product to try out for all my oily skinned ladies out there!

My second new love, the NARCISO perfume, which I am so surprised that I have fallen so hard for. I tend to go for really florally scents, like chloe and some Jo Malone scents and don’t really like musky scents but this fragrance does the most amazing job at balancing musky and floral that is to die for! It is a deep scent that lasts forever so it is so so nice for the fall/winter season. I highly recommend giving this a try if you also tend to shy away from heavier scents but are looking for a change. xo